9/9/21: Pie Face: King Pie: Banana Peanut Butter

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9/9/21: Pie Face: King Pie: Fruited Sour: 4pks Cans

  • Style:  Fruited Sour
  • ABV: ~5.5%
  • Taste Notes:  The King has left the building, and he left us a stash of some crazy ass beer! This brew is a tip of the hat to the favorite pie that Elvis himself could not get enough of. Peanut butter and banana have been packed into this brew and finished on our house pie treatment. It is tart, but has LOADS of flavor from the real banana puree and our peanut butter addition. Don't miss out on this one-- and watch it skyrocket to the top of our favorites list quickly!
  • Package: 4pks, 16oz cans.